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Playing Polka with Chambray | Watch Me Dress

Justin Bridges - 42

Not everything I do makes sense, but I always find some sort of harmony in the decisions I make.  It’s my goal to push myself, although, I’m not always rocking the most forward outfits I’d like to get my hands on.  There are so many options, but so little money in my bank account.  Well at least I’m an assistant buyer, so I can buy more forward fashion for you.

I have some old photos leftover from my old apartment, so I figured I’d use some.  This is a little diddy I’d wear to work.  It’s go all the trimmings of professional work attire, with all the fun of a social event.  You get the chambray tie which is perfect for the spring/summer.  You always get a clown polka dot, which I think is an extremely fun option, albeit, hard to work into an outfit.  We all know my obsession with pop socks, it is simply a must-have…summer and winter.

When there is an opportunity, i.e. functional buttons, I like to give the French cuff shirt a little love.  There are two easy ways to show some cuff: 1) Have your jacket sleeves shortened; 2) Slightly roll the jacket sleeves if you have functional buttons.  You don’t have to use a French cuff shirt, but I think there’s an increased level of “dapperness” if you do. Add some fun or clean cufflinks….nothing gawdy; and then adorn the wrist with one of your favorite oversized watches (or whatever you prefer).

I think this is a pleasant concoction, what about you?

Justin Bridges - 43

Justin Bridges - 45


French cuff shirt by Charles Tyrwhitt, Trousers by rag & bone, Blazer by Gap, Shoes by Hugo Boss, Chambray tie by Lands’ End Canvas, Tie bar by In God We Trust NYC, Watch by Brera Orologi, Pocket square by Fine and Dandy Shop, Socks by J.Crew

Justin Bridges - 41

Please note all photos used in this post were taken by Justin Bridges of Tucked LLC. For inquiries, product submissions, or to send press kits, please contact us at info@tuckedllc.com.


Justin Bridges of Tucked LLC


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