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Sachin+Babi S/S’12 Favorites | New York Fashion Week

Needless to say, I’m pretty backlogged.  I don’t like pictures and opinions going to waste though.  This one is for the womenswear kids.  I had a chance to peek my head into the Sachin + Babi Spring 2012 presentation and here are my favorite looks.  It’s regrettably my first time seeing the line in person, so I have no context for the collection, but that shouldn’t detract.  The highlight for this season’s design and my favorite thing was the soft structure.

I’ll make some comments below.  Enjoy the photos.

I like the cut and length of the skirt above.  The perforated stripe detail is a nice touch.

Interesting to see a pencil skirt in leather; simple and chic.

I can’t define this piece, but I think from the collar to the should I’m in love.  You may or may not be surprised, but this is my favorite look in the collection.

The flaps on the jacket are a detail I haven’t seen yet, and I’m always appreciative when designers give a somewhat classic style their own spin.

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Justin Bridges of Tucked LLC


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