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Jared Flint | Street Style

This is Jared Flint.  He’s a Big Dude on the Gilt Scene (in other words I don’t know his official title).  First time I ever saw him he was having a cigarette lit by Nick Wooster…something out of movie, you know?  I also appreciate his style, and there aren’t enough photos of him on the Internet…so here I go, doing my part of society.

Happy Friday, Happy Halloween….be safe, but beyond that, anything goes!

Please note all photos used in this post were taken by Justin Bridges of Tucked LLC. For inquiries, product submissions, or to send press kits, please contact us at info@tuckedllc.com.


Justin Bridges of Tucked LLC


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      Killing it. That is an epic beard. I bet he wrestles bears before he suits up in the morning.
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