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Ernest Alexander: Details and Subtlety | Men’s Fashion

I’m trying to recall the time I was introduced to the brand Ernest Alexander.  I think it was the good guys from Bonobos that started selling their products that brought the ties to my attention.  It’s always cool to find another one of those brands that’s handcrafted in the old tradition.  There is a wonderful authenticity to the shape and quality of the leather and overall design.  Better yet, Ernest layers on a bit of subtle details and pops of flavor where you least expect them.  Plaid linings in jackets and seersucker loops on pocket squares, are an example of those little brush strokes that keep the product interesting.  The addition of utilitarian design on shirt pockets and reversible bow ties…I mean, it doesn’t get much more exciting in the classic Americana category!  Check out some of the goods.


Please note all photos used in this post were taken by Justin Bridges of Tucked LLC. For inquiries, product submissions, or to send press kits, please contact us at info@tuckedllc.com.


Justin Bridges of Tucked LLC


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