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Howlin’ Knits are Sick! | Men’s Fashion

The Scots have now given me an additional reason to love them…besides just the Scotch!  Introducing Howlin’ by Morrison.  This may not be your first time seeing them, but I’m putting my official stamp on them.  The colors are vivid and rich; not to mention, the fabrics are soft and substantially so.

I think every guy should have splashes of colors, seasonal fabrics, and just some various neckwear.  You can mix ties like this into your casual days, or dress it up to send that I’m cool as hell at the office type vibe.  Honestly, I’m just all about Howlin’…so you should be too!

Please note all photos used in this post were taken by Justin Bridges of Tucked LLC. For inquiries, product submissions, or to send press kits, please contact us at info@tuckedllc.com.


Justin Bridges of Tucked LLC


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